FabLab Tacoma

20 Apr 18:03

Fablab Tacoma wants to be your place for inspiration, your place for creativity, your place to achieve your dreams.

We offer tools for woodworking, metalsmithing, 3d printers, laser cutters, and so much more. Members have access not only to these tools but to a community built of artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, and dreamers.

“Every time I’ve come here I’ve met somebody new...and hearing about the projects they are working on and it’s just extremely inspiring.” -Brian, Architect and Artist

Think of us as a business incubator on steroids, our staff is comprised of Artists, Designers, Educators, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Microchip Designers, Fabricators, and Entrepreneurs to bring you expert knowledge.

This knowledge is shared not only through our classes, but in everyday interactions, through problem solving with members and clients.

FabLab Tacoma is here for you.